Amit Kumar Agarwal - Bio

Amit is the driving force behind Axon Consulting with intense dedication towards improving personal and organizational performances. Amit brings with him extensive experience from the corporate world and is now considered amongst the new breed of dynamic 'Soft Skills Trainers'. He is a much sought after speaker and has trained in many MNCs, various government bodies and training institutions, both locally and overseas. Furthermore, he has also been a guest speaker at various IT seminars and summits around Asia.

Amit takes pride in his training and believes that people sometimes limit their own progress by building barriers and self-defeating prophecies and he enjoys assisting them to successfully overcome the fear of IT jargons and processes. With his real life experience in IT fields, he simplifies every process and illustrates how IT can be used as a tool to enhance efficiency and productivity.

His 'how-to' approach in applying IT as a tool helps companies to plug-in the computerized environment in order to maximize their efficiency. With his international experience, he has developed a distinctive style, which inspires and motivates people in their learning.

He also provides network and customizes software solutions to embassies and corporations. He derives his years of internet experience from helping companies to leverage on the internet for their branding by utilizing tools of the trade for effective results and maximum exposure.

Equipped with invaluable people skills, he graduated with Masters in Information Technology and Certification in MCSE (Microsoft Certified Software Engineer), CNA (Certified Novell Engineer, DBA (Database Administrator). He demonstrates a good grasp of IT-related adult-learning theories and techniques in facilitating his workshops and seminars for IT and non-IT executives.

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